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The Office of the DuPage County Recorder receives original property instruments, and is responsible for recording these important legal documents and maintaining them in the DuPage County permanent archive of land titles, military discharge documents, subdivision plats, and other ownership records.  The Office has high professional standards that must be maintained.

Past real estate agent experience is not enough to meet the demands of this Office.  For the important position of Recorder, knowledge of the legal consequences during and after a real estate conveyance is desired.  Typically, real estate agents bring parties together and place real property under contract.  In Illinois, a real estate attorney representing the seller will conduct a title search using documents recorded in the Recorder’s Office, then prepare deeds and other legal documents accordingly.  At closing, the real estate attorney representing the buyer will analyze the aforementioned documents to ensure a smooth and proper conveyance.

Very soon after the closing, the title insurance company will record the deed and mortgage on behalf of the buyer of the real property.  If later a dispute arises concerning a piece of real property, such as a mortgage foreclosure lawsuit, then the parties, their attorneys, and the court need to rely upon the relevant legal documents recorded in the Recorder’s Office.  As such, accurate and proper recordation with this Office is necessary for a real property’s chain of title.

As a community servant, Ron Almiron has shown he believes in fiscal responsibility.  He is committed to limited government.  Ron is the only candidate with both real estate and mortgage foreclosure attorney experience.  If elected as Recorder, he will improve transparency and efficiency, look to protect DuPage County citizens from potential property and mortgage fraud in the recordation of documents affecting title, and utilize the best technology available to improve online access to vital real property records. The future of recordation is digital!

While Ron will maintain excellent customer service for all DuPage County citizens, his primary goal for the Recorder’s Office is to promptly record, preserve, and provide access to public records in the most efficient, responsible, and professional manner.  He will research and implement Best Practice standards for the Recorder’s Office.  Ron has the legal background and management experience needed for the Office to succeed.

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Best Qualified. Most Experienced. Ron Almiron Is The Clear Choice For DuPage County Recorder.

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